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The Awakening of a DREAM
Have you ever had an "aha" moment?  You know, that moment when everything you've been pondering for years miraculously becomes crystal clear.  Well, that's exactly what happened to me.
One evening during the summer of 2008, what began as a casual conversation between my husband and I suddenly metamorphosed into something so much more.
I can still remember, I had asked him the question, " why are the tasks that are assigned to some of us so much more strenuous than that assigned to others?"  I had asked him this same question numerous times before, whenever I was feeling a bit defeated and/or stressed with the things I had to accomplish on a daily basis.  No matter what, his response to me was always the same.  He would say in a calm and soothing voice, "it is not for us to question why, but to instead realize that whatever we may be going thru, we must remember to keep GOD first and foremost in our lives, even when we feel as if HE is not there, we must continuously let HIM be our strength, and He will direct our paths."  
This annoyed me as usual simply because some days I felt truly overwhelmed, but I decided that this time I would really consider the words he had imparted to me, place them on the tablet of my heart and let them sink in.  I was cognizant of the impact caring for children with multiple disabilities and complex health care needs has placed upon our lives.  Moreover, I was keenly aware that we had shared just as much joy as we had endured pain and that that joy over shadowed the pain.  I affirm that I am a better person because I know I have been touched by angels.  
However, what shook me to my core was the knowledge that the services my family and I required to successfully remain together in our own home and thrive were either non existent or in drastically short supply.  It was at that moment that a dream was awakened.  The dream to empower families who live as we live.  Families who are traversing the same roads we have already triumphed.
The dream of Daring to Reach & Empower the At-risk Mind Corporation , (DREAMCorp).
Perhaps through the establishment of DREAMCorp other families such as ours will not have to endure some of the same hardships as we have endured.  Hardships such as deciding whether to remain home from work to care for your sick child at the risk of losing your job, or go to work to meet your employers attendance requirements and risk losing your child.
Hardships such as this and many more to numerous to count are a reality for a great many who happen to be inclusive of a family member with special needs.  
The time is now for us to empower ourselves.  If there is a service that we are in need of yet doesn't exist, then we must pray for the fortitude, strength, wisdom and tenacity to create it.
As a child of the almighty God, there is but one thing I desire of the Lord and that is to hear Him say, "well done my good and faithful servant, enter."
The lives that God has entrusted me with will be taken care of to the best of my ability, and in the process I hope to touch the lives of so many others. 
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